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Beyond Yin - Taoist Yoga’s Yang Side with Matt Eshleman

Feeling stuck on your sticky mat?

While Yin Yoga has become increasingly popular as a necessary balance to the modern power yoga culture, it is just a small piece of the larger Taoist Yoga system. Explore the Yang side of dynamic fluid movements that cultivate strength, balance, and control - while avoiding the athletic and competitive atmosphere that can arise from the merger of yoga with modern exercise culture. Learn new sequencing concepts and expand your possibilities of movement beyond the boundaries of your yoga mat. Invigorate and empower your movement practice with a fresh new perspective on what yoga can be.

Fundamental concepts

Dive deep into ancient Taoist philosophy and investigate its practical application to yoga. Understand how we use the terms Yin and Yang, and how they apply to our bodies and minds. Explore key concepts of anatomy to make your practice and teaching safer and more effective. Bring modern-day relevance to ancient wisdom. 

Yang Practice and Sequences

Many people love the energizing feel of a vinyasa-style practice, but can eventually feel limited by this level of structure. Break the boundaries of the habitual by incorporating a functional approach to Asana, and learn several simple new sequences that expand your movement potential and ability to teach. A Functional Approach informs all we do - these sequences are guides, highly adaptable and designed to evolve with each practitioner. Learn to lead a new approach to movement, not just perform a choreography, and walk away with tools that you can start using right away. 

Breathing - Anatomy and Application

Learn the anatomy and physiology the most vital function of the body. Experience simple but powerful ways to feel and control the breath. Most importantly, come away with a deeper understanding of the functional intention of yogic breath control exercises and the practice of pranayama. See beyond the technique to understand the why.

Elements and Alchemy

Experience the elemental qualities and their embodiment in movement. Taoist cosmology defines 5 elements, and a relationship between them. Feel the stillness of Earth, the strength of metal, flow like water, grow like wood, burn like fire. Feel these elements come to life in your own body through direct experience of movement.  


Sometimes we hear “Q&A” - but a true student will appreciate why we call this section “Q & more Q”. Integrating new information is a process, and this time in our workshop will provide an open field for this to occur. Guided discussions, open floor for questions that may not have answers. A Yogi’s paradise.  

Matt Eshleman (BA, ERYT500, YACEP) 

Matt has a strong foundation in science and medicine from graduate studies in Neuropsychology. Parallel study of Eastern wisdom traditions led Matt to pursue teaching yoga as a full-time profession, first studying Ashtanga Vinyasa, and then Yin Yoga and Functional Anatomy with Paul and Suzee Grilley. Drawing further from Grilley’s teachers Paulie Zink and Dr. Motoyama, Matt integrates these studies into what can best be called Taoist Yoga. Matt is also a practitioner of martial arts, holding the rank of Shodan at Jissenkan Dojo in Cincinnati OH. Balancing martial training with the study of the therapeutic healing arts of Thai Yoga massage, QiGong, and Reiki, Matt brings to his teachings a very practical knowledge of the physical and energetic systems of the body. In 2016, Matt joined the elite ranks of YogaSlackers Teachers, and enjoys teaching Slackline and AcroYoga. Continuing studies have given Matt opportunities to participate in anatomy, kinesiology, and cadaver dissection courses at Marquette University. Matt is the director of teacher training at You Do Yoga, a Registered Yoga School offering 200 and 300 Hour certifications and Continuing Education courses, and currently travels the US leading unique educational experiences.

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Beyond Yin - Taoist Yoga’s Yang Side
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