The Science of Fascia: Merging of East and West

October 27 and 28. 9-5:30

14 hours YA CEUs

Session Details:

Saturday 10/27 9 -10:30am Meridian Exercises Experience simple movements that help to balance and enhance the flow of “chi”, a term for the the energy and information which helps maintain the health of the body and mind. A gentle yet powerful practice, this class is appropriate for all levels of ability and experience.

Noon-5:30pm WTF - What’s The Fascia? This session will focus on the meridian channels of Chinese medicine, supporting western evidence, and concepts that help guide our yoga practice and teaching. Learn all about fascia, its unique properties, and how this previously under-appreciated organ is fast becoming one of the most important fields of study in Western somatic science. Advances in modern science support what ancient mystics of the East have described for centuries - Fascia is the missing link between the physical and the energetic bodies, forming the fundamental organization and communication system, the physical substrate that is the underlying framework of all Eastern systems of health.

Sunday 10/28 9-10:30am Taoist Yoga practice What is Taoist Yoga? Based on Eastern systems of medicine and energy work, this class is the ideal blend of yin and yang, sure to inspire and balance any practice. Yang refers to strong dynamic and fluid movement sequences to challenge the muscular tissues of the body, mobilizing the energy and lifting the spirit. Taoist yoga practices will also include passive, relaxed Yin floor poses for deep tissue stretching, and time for relaxation and meditation. Expect a radically different perspective and practice.

Noon-5:30 Fascia-Nation, Applied Therapeutics Explore in theory and and experience in practice a combination of safe and effective therapeutic methods for training fascia. Study the supporting anatomy and practical application of a variety of myofascial release techniques, including self-massage, PNF, and assisted Yin Yoga - passive postures to coax mobility into the deepest layers of our joints. Practice both facilitating the experience for others, as well as receiving the experience yourself.

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About Your Teacher: Matt Eshleman (BA, ERYT500, YACEP) came to yoga already having completed several years of graduate study in clinical neuropsychology. Familiar with Western medical science, trained in anatomy, and fueled by a strong interest in Taoist and Buddhist philosophy, his introduction to yoga changed his life’s direction. He trained first in the Ashtanga Vinyasa system developed by Larry Schultz, founder of It’s Yoga. In 2004 he met Paul Grilley, and has since been primarily influenced by Paul’s teachings of Yin Yoga, functional anatomy, and meditation. Drawing further from Paul’s teachers Paulie Zink and Dr. Motoyama, Matt integrates these studies into what can best be called Taoist Yoga. Also a student/practitioner of martial arts and the therapeutic healing arts of Thai yoga bodywork, Reiki, and Acro-Yoga, he brings to his teachings a very practical knowldege of the physical and energetic systems of the body. Mat has also joined the elite ranks of YogaSlackers teachers, practicing and sharing AcroYoga and Slackling Yoga. Matt is the director of teacher training at You Do Yoga in Cincinnati Ohio.

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$150  for the full weekend;  $130 in advance (until October 15th)