Community Drum Circle

Friday, December 14th, 2018 7-9pm                                                             

Doors open at 7, Drumming Starts at 7:30, $10 per person

Many cultures from all over the world have been drumming for centuries. Drum circles are a way to build community, unity and equality. They have been a form of communication passing down stories from generation to generation. No musical training is needed and no experience is necessary. Join the circle, play music and listen to the beat of the drum. Expression through movement and dance is welcome and encouraged. Drumming builds hand and eye coordination, focus, and present moment awareness. Drumming, the active art of making music generates the release of endorphins in the body helping to release stress and uplift. Feel free to bring your own drum. We will have some drums available as well as percussion instruments, so everyone can enjoy making music together.     All ages welcome.

See you in the Circle for Drumming, Free Movement, and Community

Contact Heather Forsythe at with any questions.

May you be Well. May you be at Peace.

$10.00   Register Today!